HI! I’m Giulia (G-I-U lia and not GUILIA!) , I’m 30 and something,  I’m Sicilian, and I travel the world backpackers solo since 2011 working as travel consultant for South America and Africa, designing personalised trips in these two Continents working close to local tour operators.

No matter where I am. It doesn’t take too much to live and work when travelling: a laptop and an internet connection are enough.

I changed very quickly from being an employed 9-18 into a free lance and a traveler who sleeps in hostels sharing the room with 10 other people, traveling by public transport, eating in local restaurants, working as volunteers in the fields or with the community, wearing flip flops and shorts and obviously traveling as cheaply as possible.

I am one of those who worked hard and saved money for quite a long time for realizing a dream: to travel around the world by myself with a one way ticket…that was what I had when I started in January 2011. The first experience of solo backpacking trip I made was in 2004 in Morocco.

I was 24 and really wanted to discover an exotic  and potentially interesting country. I was tired of my work in Rome, everything became a boring routine.
It took just a moment. Since I said that I wanted to go traveling alone, didn’t take too long to buy a one way ticket to Rabat. 2 weeks after I was at the airport of Fiumicino ready for my first real adventure.

I travel mainly solo for more than 7 years now, met new people and found out what to live in total freedom means .
There are no times or definite plans. I keep on going giving me enough time to feel comfortable in any Country I visit and so, giving me time to fall in love with it, as it not always happen at first sight.

Over the years I have traveled to all continents and discovered 65 Countriess so far.
I took the road to the desert many times, and did some of the best snorkeling in the world.
I climbed mountains and volcanoes, I was enchanted by the starry sky in the middle of the desert and I listened to the ocean waves crashing on the beach, I ate couscous with your hands, swam with dolphins and sharks, I participated in ceremonies indigenous melody to the fire and air, I have lived in London and in Berlin and then almost 1 year in Africa.
How fast time goes by!

The journey has been long and not always easy but the idea that there was a fascinating world to discover I have never stopped. The nice thing is that I knew I could do it even without a lot of money.

The discovery of the world began in July 2004 and it never really stopped taking me through all the continents, paying my travels thanks to the internet, becoming quickly one of the so called: Digital Nomads.

In 2013, after long time spent in the Galapagos Islands, I begun my own little business, working close to small local tour operator and guides, helping them to create, or make it bigger, their own business, teaching them how to use the internet to sell their services and planning personalized and custom made trips in Latin America and Africa.

Today I live of it, I pay my travels designing trips and making them real for whoever wants to discover hidden corners of the world and living great travel experiences, supported by passionate and friendly local people.


I am not a professional travel blogger, but somehow I am anyways, so I would call myself an unusual travel blogger, I do not travel with sponsor, I do not go to travel fair looking for partners, I love traveling at my own expenses as also budgeting is part of the travel planning.
Above all, the reality is that I never liked the idea of making of my passion my job. But I, instead, wanted to do create a job that would allow me to enjoy and live my passion without any compromise, with no rush.

Traveling around the world, knowing and seeing the good but also the bad of it, I then felt my mission was helping local people to make their own business getting independent. That’s how my idea came up, I wanted to conjugate my skills, as SEO and digital marketing expert, with my passion, traveling independently and on the long term, and help others to design the perfect trip supporting local communities.


Today I am proudly working with 10 Countries in Latin America and Africa, I helped many local guides to become their own travel agency boss, creating 100% African and Latin America business.

My story in short! ENJOY


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What is the website about and what do I do

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What I DO

  • I travel at my personal expenses and long terms periods
  • I travel mainly solo
  • I earn money designing trips in Latina America and Africa
  • I provide first hand trips tips
  • I never travel with a sponsor or I am paid for doing it
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  • I do not accept commercial guest posts 
  • I do not  promote services I don’t believe in
  • I do not do hotels or restaurant reviews
  • I do not do sponsored trips



You will never see me at any tourism fair, I get local contacts, I go to find them! You will probably meet me in the dirtiest bus station or on the most uncomfortable train in India. Rarely at the airport, because I HATE flying! I love the road. I love the dusty bumpy road where life happen and it’s easy to get along with people.

Where I have been – So far…..so good

Where I have been

A thought ….

I want to dedicate this blog and ALL my travels to Franco Paloscia, which I’m sure would have been proud of me and I feel accompany me wherever I go.
Franco with his teachings was able to send me a passion for traveling and above all he has been the first person who gave me confidence when I was still a University student and he never got tired of telling me that whatever I wanted to do I would have obtained it.

You will not meet many special people in life, I’ve been lucky and it is for this reason that to him, who is no more here with us, I want to dedicate all this.
To the “Professor” that talked to me about the life “on the road” for the first time, he who made me discover Kerouac and Chatwin, and will always have an important place in my heart.

To a believer that with his, sometimes, weird ideas, helped me to believe in myself reminded me that my only duty in this world was to realize my dreams.

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