[su_pullquote align=”right”]Our mission is to give voice to the small operators[/su_pullquote] Low-Cost Travel by Giulia Raciti, connects travellers with the local agencies granting intermediary advisory services, provided by experienced travellers who know the destinations thoroughly and who will be the first point of contact between you and the agency on site that will organise everything with the aim of creating for you a unique travel experience. Our mission is to give voice to the small operators thus favouring the international spreding of their excellent services accompanying them onto a path of independence and direct sales.

Hence we serve two kinds of customers: the travellers and the local operators who are the ones that effectively provide the services by coordinating the trip on site.
Our guests want to live unique travel experiences and our goal is to provide them, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the territory and the mutual trust and respect with our local operators, customised travel itineraries that can only be planned by someone who has travelled a Country extensively.

We will be the contact point between you and our local friends, who do not always speak Italian or do not always have access to high-speed internet connection, thus promoting a smooth-running communication without hitches and with the certainty that our suggestions not only offer the right dose of adventure but also an ethical and fair way to travel, of which primarily, will draw benefits the community on site.


Our operators, local travel agencies or authorised guides, have all been specialists in the travel industry for years, they are young and inexperienced entrepreneurs but above all they are passionate lovers of the places where they live and in which many of them were born .
The selection of activities ranges from the most diverse and it will be our job to create along with you the itinerary that best fits your needs and your desires.


Give visibility to small operators spurring them on towards internationalisation and independence.
The mission that motivates us is that of facilitating the matching of the soon to be travellers with the small realistic and deserving tourist localities that offer high-value services, with which we work daily in a synergistic way in order to be able to discover the country we love without, necessarily, having to follow predetermined routes but creating, instead, an experience that can be rewarding and closer to their own expectations.


Unique experiences of travel and ethics


We are therefore a group of friends with a minimum common denominator: we love to travel and we love to help others live their own travel experience that will never be the same as that of anybody else.
And it is for this reason that we do not have standard packages but we want to personalise every single trip.

A trip is an important moment in everyone’s life, a time of growth aimed at discovery, and we want to be at your side, retracing a path that we know very well, facilitating the planning, offering the best a destination can give, even to those who have little time to spare, actively contributing to the growth of small local businesses.