Solo Trips - Advices and input

The feeling you get before beginning a trip solo?
Well, have in mind when you start to climb and climb and climb those stairs and that with each step seem to get weaker, insecure.

You start to look down and think, I will not throw myself down from here! Ready to fasten up for the Rollercoaster, a mixture of fear and excitement keeps you tied to your place. Adrenaline will take hold of you!


The initial feelings of dread and anxiety will quickly be transformed into enthusiasm; an uncontrollable fervor that you cannot help but to look and search for ... And so there you are again, ready to go back up, and the higher you go the more you will feel the energy flowing in your veins, this input to plunge into the fray again, to face the challenge, to live .


It's like when you know you have to go through a dark room, and the only light at your disposal is that of a candle, a faint light that you do not believe will be able to illuminate your steps, and so a bit 'of concern is completely normal. Once inside the room with your candle, you will realize instead that all in all the glow it gives off is enough to get you started and to continue ahead.


The vision is sharp, everything seems clearer, what at first seemed dark now takes on a new and pleasant shade and you begin to see things in a different light and soon you will meet along the way other lights like your own ready to show you the way , to give you advice, to enlighten you on the right way to follow.


In truth one is never alone ...

Countless are the fellow travelers that one will meet, crash into, re - encounter along the way , each one with a story to tell , each with a part of themselves to leave as a legacy.


It is like a script too perfect to be able to investigate the mechanisms , the only thing to do is to "play" each their part as spontaneous as possible, to be one’s natural self and allow oneself to be carried along by this current , without too many plans, without too much resistance , only to be aware of being part of something bigger , where everything is connected and the "law of attraction" is in command , where if we smile and we present ourselves in situations and to people in a positive way, we can not but receive , as the Mexicans say , a “good wave”!


Very often, what is lacking for Starting this kind of experience is a correct input , too many are the fears , the dreads , the worries related to Budget …and so you will leave it be.


The right input to start traveling solo

Aeroplane flight

A valid stimulus can certainly be that of a veeery cheap airline ticket ... and trust me it is not as impossible as it sounds.
I have built together my trip by myself, found the flight and traced out a half itinerary, a good search engine to find cheap flights is Skyscanner:


And this is how I arrived in Mexico on a one way flight that costed me just a little over 100 Euros.
Without too many programs, nor expectations you will find yourself on the other side of the world living for the day, no point in making plans and tracing long term itineraries; you will soon realize that everything runs along by itself.


And so you will find yourself swimming with the turtles, flying with the seagulls, tasting new flavors in some out of the way market, seeing rituals that you thought were forgotten, listening to tales of life, of travel, about people, working in a bar in the middle of the jungle, leaving a part of yourself in each place.
What I'm noticing while traveling and talking to owners of hostels and to other travelers ( certainly more experienced than me ) is that the Italian "solitary Backpacker " around are very few ; I think in Europe we are the last in the list , absolutely at the top of the list are young men and girls ( it seems to me more of these than the males ) of North Europe .


The northern Europeans have well understood that a couple of months or a year of traveling in solitude is an experience absolutely to be done , formative and maturing , and this is getting more and more into the culture so much so that there are now enough agencies that specialize in helping in programming the movements of the so-called " Gap Year ", at very reasonable prices.


To give you an example, Giulia our fellow countryman and CEO of this website, around the world for almost 5 years by now, have paid £ 1800 ( including tax) or 2,250 Euros for the following route : London- > Bangkok - Bali - > Adelaide - Sydney - > Fiji - Fiji - > Christchurch - Auckland - > Santiago - Rio de Janeiro - > London
For more info you can check this site and request our quote


Travel Budget

How to Budget "where there’s a will, there’s a way " there are many ways to save on travel , once you find a good flight you can really spend very little . Apart from the economic hostels you can find (in Central America around 3,5-6 euro per night).

I must remind you that in addition to the legendary Couchsurfing that not only gives you the chance to save money but also that of really knowing the place you are visiting, it’s like have friends everywhere and now with the new modality it is even faster and easier to find hospitality.


Unsafe ? With all sincereness I have traveled a lot of times even on my own with CS and I haveonly had absolutely positive experiences.
It’s up to you to decide where to go and the feedbacks from previous guests can surely direct you to a wise choice .


Travel by land

So, if instead of the plane you decide to go by land? Do not forget the possibility of thumbing for lifts. Today the classic finger by the roadside or at the entrance of the motorway is now replaced by the so-called Carsharing; a kind of telematic organized hitchhiking where driver and passengers may come to an agreement via internet.


Both those who have a car and must embark on a journey, and the travelers, can put in the the route of travel they intend to do, the date and contribution expenses (which usually amounts to the total cost of fuel plus tolls divided by 4, even though only 2 in the car, starting from the presumption that, the driver in any case would be undertaking the journey, however, this is relative, in fact it is not excluded that you may find someone who will give you a lift in exchange for a cup of coffee in autogrill), a way I would say, ingenious to save money and to reduce pollution (in fact this method is often also used in the city, one car instead of two, one full tank instead of two.
Here are two reference sites than said: e


To stay a while in a destination and WorkAway

Another way to not let the Budget go down too much is to stop in one place for a few weeks , to offer one’s help in exchange for board and lodgings. In this way you will have the opportunity to really live the place and not to remain passive tourists (my advice for this is to stop in places run by locals).


For 2 weeks I stayed and worked as a bartender in an hostel in the middle of the jungle in Guatemala; an experience nothing short of amazing and sometimes ambiguous , almost unreal as you pass from the silence and the lack of electricity in the morning to the super parties in the evening where to bring you back to reality were las cucarachas, cockroach in english, (when everything went well).


I had made ​​contact with the hostel that hosted me on the website Workaway that requires an enrollment of two years which costs 22 Euros, but honestly I do not think there is need to register in any site.

Many hostels are in fact willing to offer you board and lodgings in exchange for your help. I advise not too many plans , if you like a place and you want to linger a bit ' more in it, it is you who must make the proposal to the hostel.
Useful resources:


How to forget then the opportunity (especially for the girls) to work as an "au pair", my first experiences of traveling alone was working as an as "Au - pair"; free board and lodgings and a small weekly wage in exchange for Baby sitting and some housework when required.
An incredible way to really get in touch with the culture of the place , be able to learn a language in a natural and economical way , make true bonds and to spend absolutely nothing or rather to manage even to pay your journey .


What I can advise you before and during the trip is to consult the blog of other travelers to take cues not only about itineraries and places to visit.
I hope I have given you useful information , a help to allay fears and an extra Input to put you on the road and especially to the "test".



Travel for losing oneself in everywhere and to find oneself in every nook and cranny...
Travelling to mature, to fall in love, to live ...
Traveling to search for a treasure that you know you will end up finding at the starting point richer, more complete, more you ...


Sant Agostino said, "The world is a book and those who do not travel will know only one page" after saying that, nothing left but for me to wish you a Happy reading, but most of all, writing, about the fantastic book of lifetold ... .Bon Voyage!!!

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