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Anyone going to Thailand for the first time and wants to see the wonderful beaches of old Siam, following the normal tourist routes of tour operators and travel agencies, or letting themselves be blinded by misleading brochure photographs and various catalogs will surely end up in Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui, Ko Tao or Phuket. In this way they will be seeing many beautiful beaches and places by the sea very similar to thousands of other places in the world, but without seeing the real Thailand.


This article is dedicated to those who go to Thailand for the first time and not, but who leave, bringing with them the desire to immerse themselves in a distant country as much in the distance as in the habits and customs, with the eyes of a curious traveler and open to knowing new places, far in fact, from what they already know, respecting and especially accepting everything different they will encounter on their paths.


replay beach Krabi

Railay Beach


The real Thailand is not the one found in a 5 star resort, room with jacuzzi, staff who speak perfect English and international cuisine. Neither is it about those getting down from a plane and being accompanied into an all inclusive tourist village with luxurious bungalows with air conditioning, without the possibility to even breathe the odour at times not always pleasant in truth but at least genuine.


To those who consider luxury a towel laid out on the beach, those who consider very comfortable a hammock on the terrace of a wooden bungalow a few meters from the waterline, those who like a leisurely stroll in a remote fishing village inhabited by smiling people wandering among houses on stilts, fishing nets, semi-destroyed boats chatting with the curious locals, to those who like to stay still to observe the life and sleepy atmosphere that is breathed in remote Thai islands, to those who consider it fun to spend evenings lying on the sand with a beer in hand away from discotheques and noise, this article will be very interesting as well as useful.


Before speaking of the islands, I would like to point out two excellent sites for immersing inside Thailand lifestyle remaining on the continent.
Prachuap khiri khan, a very sleepy Thai town on the west coast of the gulf, where there is an air of eternal Sunday, the sea here is not the best but being situated halfway between Bangkok and Krabi (ideal starting point for the most beautiful islands of the Andaman sea), is well worth a one night stop.


Just after the famous and expensive Hua Hin, a resort of the wealthy Thai, Pranchua Khiri Khan immerses the visitor in local life, you will rarely find western tourists, characterized by an endless promenade, ideal for a daytime stroll and for browsing among the stalls of the evening market, with the very beautiful temple overlooking the city, where, once climbed its 396 steps invaded by dozens of disturbing but totally harmless monkeys, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast hearing only the sound of the wind.


prachua khiri khan


How to get toPranchua Khiri Khan

To reach Pranchua Khiri Khan from Bangkok the best way is to go to the southern bus terminal and take one of the buses that go towards the south, the government buses are cheap and comfortable, a course for Pranchua Khiri Khan from Bangkok costs about 250 baht. Otherwise the trains, more economic that although slower, are a beautiful experience too.[/su_panel]



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Where to stay in Pranchua Khiri Khan


As usual when I have to find accommodation in Thailand, the site I use is Agoda, that offers a wide range of hotels and guest house at incredible and affordable prices.


Dolphin Bay Resort
Double rooms from 30$
Family-oriented resort away from the crowded tourist areas of other vacation destinations. The resort is surrounded by Khao Sam Roi National Park. Enhanced by tropical plantation, warm atmosphere, and an outstanding view.

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Rocky Point Resort
Double room from $20pp

Beachfront property is built to perfectly blend in with the natural environment. Ideal choice for snorkeling at the nearby island, take a day trip to one of the national parks, or simply spend a lazy day at the beach.

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Vartika Adventure Retreatic Resort
Double room from $20

The resort features a colorful concept with unconditional designs for its interior and exterior decoration, combining uniqueness and harmony in order to give the guest a sense of exploring a new world.

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Nopparat beach, to the north of the chaotic and horrible Ao Nang, is a beautiful and endless beach where you can bask in the sun, reading a good book, on the weekends the beach fills up, so to speak, with Thais seeking relaxation but during the week you will feel like Robinson Crusoe, good for a quick and cheap meal the stalls just inside the beach.

nopparat beach

Nopparat Beach


[su_panel]How to get to Nopporate beach


To get to the Nopparat beach, the ideal is to rent a scooter rather than to get there by bus or songthaew, so that you can enjoy more of the long beach and stop wherever you want, if you leave from Krabi you need to follow the 4034 road until you come across on the left the indications for Nopparat Thara road, from Ao Nang instead the Nopparat beach is only a few kilometers to the north. [/su_panel]

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