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Organize a customized trip to Morocco

How to organize a trip to Morocco? How to get around? How to make even seven days trip complete and be able to go back home with a full view of what Morocco in its entirety and complexity can offer?
I traveled to Morocco for months, I went back many times and if there is one country in the world where I could return 1-100 times this is the one, with its exotic and spicy taste, land of contrasts, from chaos of the medinas to the silence of the desert, and the colors.

Small yet complex, it captivates the senses and features a world seemingly far yet incredibly close to us. An exotic word around the corner that can’t help fascinate, bewitch and completely enrapture you.
Should your wish be that to discover the imperial towns, with a note for two among the most beautiful, Fes and Marrakech, or the coasts enlivened by villages of the fishermen, or even the high mountains where it snows during winter or the heat of the day and cold at night in the desert, Morocco offers everything you might want from a country.

During the months of my journey, I lived like a local among locals, I slept in their homes and in their tents, I helped in the kitchen and I went in the company of women in the Hammam of the city where I learned facts about the care of the body, which until then were unknown to me.
I slept in Berber camps and led caravans of camels, step by step to reach the next camp, where we’d cook for the evening meal and then eat all together accompanied by the sound of drums.

Months on the road with them getting to the heart of their world which was slowly becoming my own and in those days of listening to the wind, with them I began to discuss just for fun alternatives ideas of travelling mixing my own and their knowledge of the territory.
It all started like this, like a joke, and so over the years their tours have become an extension of what were my advices and suggestions, at times bold and non-conventional.

So today in collaboration with Iddir, a former nomad who now has been settled for 10 years, whose mission is to take tourists to the discovery of his land, I can help you think about travel itineraries of all kinds, from classic tours to those focusing on the desert and the way of life of the nomads, or on the mountains or the secrets of the Kasbah.

Why Morocco?

Because this is where I traveled for the first time on my own with my backpack, and this is where for the first time in my life I placed my trust on my instincts, letting flair guide me, apparently by sheer chance, to meet those people who are still by my side today and with whom together every day we think of new ideas, stimulating and exciting.

Because Morocco at some points can get complicated, especially for those who do not have much time, and because, among the incredible offers, Iddir certainly features as one of the most beautiful alternatives, in part because his story is already fascinating in itself.

After years of research, insights and journeys in this Country, but also as a result of reflections and some collaborations with local people and after having helped some people to organize their trip to Morocco, I feel pretty confident of being able to give my help to whoever wants it, at a reasonable price, in terms of value for money, providing solutions for every budget, with the certainty that the return home will be full of good memories, that above everything else are human.

The routes are all customized, it is not a group trip, unless you’re travelling with a group of friends or unless it is required ( although groups travel 1 or 2 times a year ), trips are built according to your interests, nothing is predetermined because the journey is yours, not someone else’s .

Customized Morocco

The trip to Morocco can be done individually, but up to a certain point, especially past the High Atlas, where the doors of the desert open wide and things start to get more complicated and a car becomes a necessity, together with a driver, someone who will accompany you in this seemingly endless expanse of sand.
Morocco can’t be comprised neither covered in full in 14 days, but this time is still enough to have an overview of the country, however the presumption to do so in utter autonomy is likely to take over, at the expense of real concreteness and feasibility .
Thanks to the partnership with local the agencies, precisely Berbers, I am happy to be able to help those who want to travel to Morocco smoothly and following a route which will result realistic and doable in the company of characters whose story is worth the trip itself .

How to decide between the various suggested routes? Which one is the best?

Should you choose one or another in Morocco you can’t get wrong, although the season is definitely quite important, Morocco can be very hot in summer, especially in the desert.
On the other hand it is also true that a trip to Morocco without the desert is a bit like seeing only 50%.
However with air conditioning in your car you can challenge even the highest temperatures and reach the dunes where you can sleep under the starry sky, so starry you never saw the likes of it!
The best route is the one which is best for you! Look through our travel ideas, read their descriptions and start thinking about what you would like to discover of this magical land and then let’s make it real together!

Let’s plan your trip in Morocco

If you want to organize your trip in Morocco with Giulia and Iddir contact us now indicating all the information which will help us suggesting the ideal route for you. You will get the answer to your e-mail within 48 hours ( except during holidays ) after receipt.

  • Number of participants ( discounts for groups of more than 4 persons )
  • Period
  • Duration of the trip
  • Type of accommodation -Tourist / Moderate / Luxury
  • Any particular interest ( desert , imperial towns , coast , grand tour etc )
  • Type of trip : Honeymoon / Couple / Adventure / Group of friends

Travel Ideas in Morocco

Travelers say...

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    Silvia S.
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