Personalized and custom made trips realized by local operators


Let yourself be inspired by our travel ideas, discover with us unexplored corners of the world by putting your trust in serious and reliable local operators.
The following travel ideas are provided directly from small local tour operators and professionals in the travel industry, with years of experience, who can provide customised travel itineraries.
The final cost is the real deal with no additional fees.

Travel at local costs and in an ethical way by placing your trust in travel agencies right on site, thus contributing actively to the well-being of the communities
Those published on this page are just a few of the many possible ideas of travel.

Each trip is custom made, with the following examples I want to talk to you about different possibilities of trips and itineraries for you to start understanding which, among the many things that a destination has to offer, is right for you or may be of interest to you.

Our ideas for travelling and our itineraries do not include group departures and do not have fixed departure dates, except where indicated (generally referred to as Group travel #travelwithme), but they allow for an organisation incredibly flexible and personalised.
It is you who decide when to leave, how long to stay, type of services requested and whatever change you want we can provide constant assistance.

We will be the tailors of your trip and we will work side by side with you and with our local partners, until the itinerary will fit perfectly with your expectations and you will be ready for departure.
*** Please note that there are no brokerage costs. For more information and to know more, read the FAQ


How it works

Contact the Travel Consultant

You have already decided for your next trip but don’t know how to make it real? Contact your travel consultant for the specific destination, pointing out the number of people, period and travel type (Budget, Medium or Luxury). Within 48 hours you will receive a response and the planning begins!

Design your trip

Draw alongside the Consultant a personalised trip itinerary based on your specific needs, expectations and ideas. Let the expert advise you, dissecting with him your destination drawing your trip exactly as you’ve always imagined it!

Confirm your trip with the local agency

Liked the itinerary? Are you ready to live the new adventure? Confirms the journey thought with the consultant and meet the local operator who will welcome you and will take care of you during the trip. Pay the deposit to the local agency and relaxed, that soon you’ll be off!

Our travel destinations


Destinations with locals

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