Sunday in London - GO EAST!

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We are sitting in front of a bar/kiosk at Old Spitalfields Market, today I know that I will not be making my return to London any time soon and so for this my last visit I want to bid her farewell in the place I like most.
There where I used to go to get in touch with not only an authentic part of the city but that most similar to me.

I'm back in East London, the subway stop is always the same: Old Street.
The route there is quite clear. It’s Sunday, market day and the crowd streams into the streets of Brick Lane. A Flower Market war.
A surprise cafè in a corner, literally, on Kingsland Road.
The doors open of one of the most extravagant clubs in the city: The Bridge Caffe.
Ricco the owner is not in name only, but also of ideas. On two floors a very particular bar, drapes and tables in antique baroque style, armchairs and paintings on the walls, papered walls, carpets. A colorful ensemble of pieces as few large cities in the world can give. Then a hall for concerts, retrò objects and decor.[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-third" position="last"]

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A super cool hostel right in Shoreditch is the The Dictionary, dorm beds starting from €18. If you prefer a private room without spending a lot of money, and are happy with the hostel's vibes, then the funky Hostel Clink is the right choice. Private rooms from €80 and dorms beds from 20€.



********* The cafe is located at 15 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AE, between Dalston and Schoreditch ******************


Oh London, dare to dare!


the bridge vista

the bridge vista

The Bridge London

The Bridge London

The bridge piano superiore

The bridge cafe

Coffee and souvenir photo to head for Columbia Road and its famous flower market. Although it is best to go in the morning to avoid finding the throng it is also true that if you want to buy flowers, at 1 pm the prices go down a bit.
But this small market makes the street a large and extravagant garden, where you can admire beautiful and colorful plants and flowers, take advantage of the many offers and maybe buy some seeds or some bulbs to plant at home.

Right there, at the end of a short piece of road that houses the flower market, towards the left, buskers entertain dozens of people playing and performing for coins. Splendid, delicate, and of fairy-tale tone, small cafès and bars that alternate with flea markets.


flower market London

flower market London


Flower Market London

Flower Market London


But there is no East without graffiti and street art. And in this East London it offers the best of itself, absolute champion in street art, to the point that towards Brick Lane you will come across an original Banksy, now in poor condition, but one of his works. We are in Pollard Street.





Vitality and symbols scattered through the narrow streets, the result of artists who express their art in many different ways, many of which are excellent.


A London different from all those in suits, or the upper middle class of the center. Completely different, a charming area and with a strong character of innovation governed by the shabby chic style.
We are in the east where the world seems to converge and ethnic groups just like the languages mix together.


Here every Sunday you will get to know the world, even at the table. Chinese, Burmese, Mexican, Ethiopian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Japanese and I could go on forever, all together spread over two large surfaces cooking for thousands of people that every Sunday stroll through the streets of the most contemporary district of the moment.
street art londra

street art Londra

street art Londra

street art Londra




It is here that the "hipsters" hang out, this means it's here that sometimes great ideas or great bullshit are created, but the inspiration is easy to find in these parts.
Bars intimate and personalized. A few chains, perhaps none?
There is personal touch and a little homemade in the small local places in the area. Nothing is really sophisticated, everything has taste of home, and the feeling is beautiful.


And from this table by the open window facing the street, while on the plate I have a Syrian specialty, the world flows by my side. As a river in flood.
And I realize that a trip round the world tour can be done in just one Sunday.



Walking Itinerary


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