Public transport in Berlin and how to choose the right travel card

Like many northern European cities Berlin also gives the pleasure of discovering it splendidly on two wheels.
For those who visit it, and does well to do so, in the summer I could not recommend a better way of going round the length and breadth of the German capital, and to lose oneself in the huge tree-lined and green streets.


But for those who have no desire to cycle or those who visit the city in climatically hostile periods, the network of the Berlin public transport is functional and allows you to reach any part of the city you want at any time of day or night.
A transport system that today seems clear to me, the first time it seemed nothing short of machiavellian.
Aided by the fact that I had yet to understand the difference between U-bahn and S-bahn, respectively, metro and suburban railway.

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The transport network is divided into three concentric zones, A, B and C.
The tourist areas are limited to A and B, while the C should be considered if you want to go to Potsdam and to/from the airport of Schonefeld.
The same ticket is valid on all means of tansport (U-bahn, S-bahn, tram, bus, regional trains), lasts 60 minutes and is valid only in one direction.

In U-Bahn, S-bahn and trains, the ticket is bought and obliterated before boarding, while on trams and buses it is possible to buy it on board.

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Berlin is such a cool city with a lot to offer, discover what to do in Berlin for free clicking here!



Children under 6 do not pay, from 6 to 14 they pay a reduced price (20-30% less than the full ticket), you are allowed to carry a dog and a piece of luggage per person, if you are traveling with a bicycle another ticket is required (the Fahrradkarte).


The weekly, monthly and yearly tickets allow traveling in two people every day after 8 in the evening and all day Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This does not apply to daily tickets.
trasporti berlino

Prices ordinary tickets (zones A and B)


  • Single ticket (Einzelfahrausweis) - 2.60
  • 4 single tickets - € 8.80 (ie € 2.20 each instead of 2.60)
  • Group ticket up to 5 people (Kleingruppenkarte) - 16,20 16,70
  • Short distance ticket(Kurzstrecke) - 1.50
  • Daily ticket (Tageskarte) - 6.70 7.20
  • Weekly ticket (Wochenkarte) - 28.80 35.60
  • Monthly subscription (Monatskarte) - 78,00 97,00
  • Monthly subscription valid from 10.00 to 03.00 in the morning of the next day - 10 (Uhr-Ticket) - 57,00 69,80


Price tourist tickets

The Welcome Card and the City Tour Card exist in versions 24, 48 and 72 hours, while the Museum Island card just for 72 hours.

These tickets allow you to travel with all the means of transport offering also discounts for visiting museums, attractions and in restaurants and shops.
In these links further information Welcome Card and City Tour Card.

The Museum Island card is only available in version 72 hours and allows the use of public transport for 3 days plus free admission to museums on the island. For further information Berlin Welcome Card Museum Island A&B



[su_panel]Welcome Cards and City Tour prices

Welcome Card 48 hours 18,50 (AB) - 20.50 (ABC)
City Tour Card 48 hours 16,90 (AB) - 18,90

Welcome Card 72 hours 24,50 (AB) - 26,50
City Tour Card 72 hours 22,90 (AB) - 24,90
Welcome card 5 Days 30,90 (AB) -35,90
City Tour Card 5 Day 29,90 (AB) - 34,90

Welcome Card Museum Island 72 hours  (AB) - 34,00 36,00
City Tour Card Museum Island 72 hours (AB) - 31,50 34,50 [/su_panel]


Do not forget that ...

  • The U-Bahn and the S-Bahn run 24/24 on weekends while during the week close at 1 in the night and reopen at 4 am.
  • The trams traveling on rails run all night without interruption. From midnight to the morning (4.30 or 6.30 depending on the days) passing every 30 minutes.
  • The buses pass by the stops every 10/15 minutes, traveling all night, passing every 30 minutes. The night buses are identified by the N at the bus stop and on the bus.
  • The Taxis are cream-colored and they stop in the street, a short trip up to 2 km costs € 4.00 if taken in the street, € 3.20 if you take it at the taxi stand. The taxi companies are numerous, the rates unified, this is the official site: Taxi Berlino


The official website for calculating the public transport routes to Berlin is





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  1. If you never have been there, then you should do this as soon as possible. This city is wonderful. There are so many sights you are able to visit.
    The prices are also normal so you don't have to get scared.

  2. I am fascinated. Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities. My friend was last year there and she told me how wonderful it is to take a walk at the evening. She really enjoyed the time there. My friend also meant that the prices aren't so high as expected.
    It is a great article and I really enjoyed reading them.

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