Namibian tribes – A journey into the bush

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26th February 2016


Love african tribes and unbelievably happy I’ve had the chance to spend some days with them. I love their wise way to see and explain the world, the same world I live in but a way different.

I love when we discuss about cows and cuttles and always find hard to explain them we don’t own any (well most of us) or why my father doesn’t require any to let me get married (I always ask for 50 anyway, they might take me seriously).

What I do love the most of them, is their strong sense of community and how they let you feel part of it, even when you wear clothes or don’t speak their language.

Sometimes it takes me hour to feel comfortable in taking photos, they are not things, not zebras or lions, I’ve always been bad doing that.

So I let them ask for it. I learned how to do it long time ago, and seems I’m doing it well.

I am not a photographer, pretty clear I guess, but each of this photo has a story behind. It’s exactly from what you don’t see that my stories come up.

These photos are single details of long days spent into the bush, sitting on the dusty ground, eating with hands, cooking with fire and wood, sleeping surrounded by animals, walking trying to dodge poo, making huge efforts understanding each other.

Namibia surprised me, not the way you might think. Didn’t really like it for the first 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong and let me say it better.

Namibia is such a wonderful Country, the landscapes are incredible but it wasn’t my cup of tea, not when I decided to cross the border from South Africa. I had different expectations and, to sad to be said, unfortunately I realized it wasn’t the place where I wanted to be.

I was looking for Africa, the black/dusty/noisy Africa I know pretty well and I was missing, and I felt it wasn’t giving it to me anything of what I wanted.
Not the way I meant it.
Don’t get me wrong, Namibia is beautiful but can be empty and lonely, everything seems to be in the right place, endless roads and kilometers without meeting one single car. Silence and space. Immaculate camping sites, german style cities. Clean and incredibly silent when the sun goes down.


Amazing,  true, but where is Africa?
I mean, where is the noise and the people all around morning and night. Where are crowed minibus that force you to long waits at the bus stations. Why nobody says to me “This Is  Africa!” that means: learn to wait, be patient, just seat and let it happen? Where are the people? (Nb: Namibia only has 2.000.000 population and across the touristic path you won’t see many of them, they are pretty much all in the north).
I can’t experience Africa if I can’t experience its people. That’s the way I travel in here, and this was what I desperately have been looking for when on the road.


One day I thought <<I am going to fly to Mozambique!>>
Then a voice said, <<give Namibia last chance, go to the north >>
And so I did.


Here, where I am stuck since 7 days now, I have found exactly the african world I was missing so much. I lowed my expectations and took a long journey to the north. The long journey has worth every single effort made.

They say “Always being in a hurry does not prevent death, neither does going slowly prevent living” and so I go slower and slower, keep on enjoying what Africa keeps on saying to me, giving chances even when I think I don’t have to.

I arrived in Namibia more than 3 weeks ago, didn’t mean staying so long, but it happened. I stopped making plans I won’t follow, stop wasting time thinking where to go and what to do.
Doesn’t work this way for me.

Where next? Not sure about it.
I will find it out in the next days. Or maybe weeks.


Camping in the bush with the Namibia tribes – Photos


himba guys

bimbo himba


himba man dhemba girl dhemba_ himba guys girl himba

dhimba girl

dhimba smiling




himba cooking

dhimba bimba

dhimba donna

dhimba donna3

dhimba donna con bimbo


dhemba girl

himba man

himba kid

himba village


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