A journey to Galapagos – Photo-Essay

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There are  places that inspire even those who are not a photographer or someone like me, a clumsy photographer. The Galapagos Islands are one of those places, where every little thing, even the most insignificant, becomes something to capture forever in a photo. Mainly animals living in their natural environment more than the volcanic and lunar landscapes .


Nature, as in other destinations around the world, at the Galapagos Islands gives its best, probably because this is the only place in the world where biodiversity has remained completely intact, and because it was decided, wisely, to protect a world that no longer belongs to us but to the animals instead.
This “other world” makes us impress in front of a bird with a red balloon in the throat,magnificent frigate birds, or a sea lion that wallows in the water with us without any fear.


The Galapagos are three worlds in one: one underwater, on on land and one in the air.
It’s here where the 4 elements meet, water, fire, air and earth.

A journey to the Galapagos Islands stimulates the senses and makes you think, turns the priority extolling life and its rules, those of the nature, teaching us that being respectful even with little things is the best way to travel and probably to live a peaceful and in harmony with what surrounds us.

And here are some photos I took during my long, very very long, stay in the Enchanted Islands.

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stelle marine Galapagos

galapagos sea turtle

iguana marina

squalo galapagos

manta galapagos

leoni marini

leone marino Galapagos

tartaruga galapagos
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sea lion galapagos

leone marino

blue feet booby

galapagos islands

galapagos laguna

iguana galapagos

leone marino baby

piccolo leone marino sulla spiaggia

santa fe galaapos

santa fe galapagos

leone marino

serpente Galapagos

tartaruga galapagos

Cactus galapagos

iguana marina

isla isabela galápagos

iguana Galapagos
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blue feet boobies

fregata magnifica

animali galapagos

animali galapagos

Galapagos Animali

fenicotteri Galapagos
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vulcano galapagos

Galapagos Volcano

Galapagos islands

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