To give up everything and travel you must have balls....and a plan!


Traveling does not earn you super powers, or maybe it does .
I was talking to Luca, who has been traveling for years chasing the best and most difficult waves in the world, lying on the hammocks in the house where I lived in San Cristobal (Galapagos Islands), I asked him asked him: "What made you leave everything in Torino and get on the road to travel?"
"The passion for surf", he replies .
"Who do you think can drop everything and start traveling chasing their own dreams?"
Only one who has the balls! He answers me.


At that moment I realize of how much something that both of us, I perhaps the more, took for granted so obvious or simple as it may be . As to how to overcome the bounds, only to realize that there are always others following, a motivation more to keep on going. As to how upsetting one’s own life for a dream can be terribly attractive , even though scary .


Traveling for long periods puts you to the test under many points of view: emotional, practical, human, cultural .
You must get used to stepping into the shoes of the chameleon to adapt to the diverse situations .
Emotionally the life of traveling strikes, forms, every single day in a different culture, like it or not we learn something, that it being a new word, a typical attitude, a way of living of the place .

Most of all if you travel alone , your emotions will have their ups and downs. The days that you are happy, the ones when you would have liked some company, the ones when you miss home do not know who to talk to, those in which you are so full of this adventure that you will call home from all the places where you put your foot .


From a practical point of view it teaches you to optimize a budget , to spend wisely and carefully , to choose what is essential and what is superfluous. You cannot take with you all that you like .


Humanity and culture is perhaps what makes the most impact on the traveler. As for me, I need some time to metabolise things, now over a year since my trip in South East Asia, I can visualize vividly and strongly my memories and feel the desire to go back there and learn more about the cultures that maybe when I was there, I did not appreciate or I simply did not understand.


The stories that are told, the people that you meet, the situations that are experienced, the things that you learn, are all part of a baggage even more extensive and complex that makes you go home quite a bit different. It is of no matter what the motivation was to push you to make this choice, but the moment you do it you are already passing a first limit, which is generally imposed by our society: you're leaving what you have, risks. You do it, and between fear and adrenaline usually in the end the second wins.


The moment you start traveling the mind inexorably opens up , and everything seems much easier than imagined .
At this point the other limit to overcome will put out its head. What to do? Try out a new life or not?


And it is in this case that a dream can be realized , in the moment of total freedom that you are living and where, for example, a passion for surfing can become the master key to live in some of the most beautiful places on earth and especially doing what you like.


To transform one’s own dreams into reality , will take courage no ?
The actual reality is so easy to leave, and we, with our good old saying "who leaves the old for the new ... " have not any good advantage.


Traveling and having the courage to drop everything is not simple nor an immediate decision , however, to take this step you must really have the balls, as Luca said.



[su_note note_color="#aabdf"]Note

In this post we talk of taking the courage to make life-turning decisions but it is far from wanting to invite you to improvise as web professionals, travelers without money, capable to change their lives in 24 hours because you have woken up tired of all that you have (or have not).
Luca, like me and many other people that in three years of traveling around the world I have met, have carefully planned their own career path, taking risks, yes, but with skills behind. They were good at knowing how to manage and exploit them .


Away with whoever tells you of the " easy and fun " life of the digital nomad. The realization of one’s own dreams is an uphill path where nothing is given to you for free , and therefore efforts are essential.
Mine wants to be an invitation to find your own way and to devote yourself in succeeding. The attitude with which we face a change is important, but it's not just about that. Positivity and the belief in one’s projects is the push to commitment and achievement of results , that motivation without which one will never succeed in one’s own enterprises.[/su_note]

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