HI THERE! I’m Giulia (YES! G-I-U!) a not so young, 36 years and something, Sicilian lady travelling since 2011, mainly solo backpacking on the roads of the world.
In these years of travelling, I wrote a lot about of solo travelling and how to travel around the world with small budgets.

During the years I evolved and I decided to make of this “solitary” project something bigger.

The blog was born on the mountains of Guatemala with the aim of helping, and demonstrate, others that a world tour with small economic resources was possible.

Born as a travel blog, which for the past 6 years gave out free information on how to travel around the world, providing the keys of interpretation of new countries from the point of view of those who travel extensively and independently, it is now a project in which I am not alone anymore, and with a mission, perhaps, even more ambitious, but of great value: to give a voice to small local tour operators and, at the same time, enhance the skills of travellers motivated by a strong passion, by giving them the opportunity to make a job out of it.

What I started in 2011 as travel diary, today continues to be a reference blog for independent travellers but it also wants to act as a meeting place for travellers and small local operators who can provide customised itineraries to suit all budgets.

Our goal is to accompany you in planning your trip, thanks to the deep knowledge of the territory, talking to you about the country you are going to visit and proposing itineraries that you can then realize with the local communities with whom we are proud to work every day and on whom we have been the first to bet.
The journey with us starts before departure itself.

You are travelling already while we will talk together and study the destination you want to discover so that you can concentrate the best of a country even in a short time.

A journey with us promises to be a true and original experience, as close as possible to your expectations, your passions, but above all, it will allow you to get into the destination being in deep contact with its people, traveling in an ethical and fair way by actively contributing to the welfare of local communities.

If you are a backpacker and do not need help in planning your trip, then this site is the right place too! I have been travelling now for 7 years, documenting all my trips sharing with you all info I’ve got while on the road!   Hope you will find what you are looking for and happy to share my tips with you!

giulia raciti


“Travelling is walking toward the horizon, meet the other, discover, and come back more rich than when is started the trip” Luis Sepúlveda



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